Number of Daily Departures at Airline Hubs
Over Multi-Year Periods
The following pages show the number of daily departures operated by airlines at  various
hubs and how those numbers changed over a period of years.
America West Airlines Las Vegas Hub 1983-2002

American Airlines Dallas/Fort Worth Hub 1979-1999

American Airlines Miami Hub 1989-2001

American Airlines Nashville Hub 1991-1995

American Airlines Raleigh/Durham Hub 1987-1995

Braniff Dallas/Fort Worth Hub 1972-1988

Braniff Kansas City Hub 1985-1989

Continental Airlines Cleveland Hub 1986-2000

Continental Airlines Denver Hub 1978-1995

Delta Air Lines Boston Hub 1977-2004

Delta Air Lines Cincinnati Hub 1979-2004

Delta Air Lines Dallas/Fort Worth Hub 1974-2005

Delta Air Lines Frankfurt Hub 1991-1997 (weekly departures)

Delta Air Lines Orlando Hub 1977-2004

Eastern Air Lines Atlanta Hub 1971-1991

Frontier Airlines Denver Hub 1980-1986

Horizon Air Boise Hub 1983-2003

Horizon Air Portland Hub 1983-2001

Midway Airlines Chicago Hub 1979-1991

Midway Airlines Raleigh/Durham Hub 1995-2001

Midwest Express/Midwest Airlines Milwaukee Hub 1985-2007

Ozark Air Lines Saint Louis Hub 1980-1986

Pan Am New York Kennedy Hub 1979-1991 (weekly departures)

People Express Newark Hub 1982-1986

Piedmont Airlines/USAir Baltimore Hub 1983-2003

Piedmont Airlines/USAir Dayton Hub 1982-1995

Southern Airways/Republic Airlines/Northwest Airlines Memphis Hub 1977-2003

Trans World Airlines Los Angeles Operations 1972-2000

Trans World Airlines New York Kennedy Hub 1979-2001 (weekly departures)

Trans World Airlines Saint Louis Hub 1977-2000

United Airlines Cleveland Hub 1972-1989

United Airlines Miami Hub 1977-2007

USAir/USAirways Cleveland Operations 1979-1997

USAir/USAirways Pittsburgh Hub 1979-2007

ValuJet/AirTran Airways Atlanta Hub 1994-2005

Western Airlines/Delta Air Lines Los Angeles Hub 1972-1997

Western Airlines Salt Lake City Hub 1977-1987

Western Pacific Airlines Colorado Springs/Denver Hub 1995-1997