America's Three Largest Worldwide Airlines.

All three take great pride in serving you.  But only the airline on the right caters exclusively to charter

World Airways.  The only one of the big three that flies exclusively charter.

So there is always a possibility you can order something as exotic as Escorgots Meuniere with
Hearts of Palm, prepared by such prestigious kitchens as London's Cafe Royal or Tokyo's Imperial

When you charter World, you get a lot more than just a freedom of choice.

For less than the other airlines' economy fares, you can actually outdo other airlines' first class

How does World do it?  Our DC-8's and Boeing 707's never have to fly half

So your cost per seat is lower.  And might we add, World flies just about anywhere.  And has won
ten separate National Safety Council Awards doing it!

Take our advise.  Call your World Airways representative soon!

To make sure you get the booking you want.  It seems chartering World is becoming more and
more popular.  And when you do see our representative, may we suggest something like Oysters

We specialize in chartering.  No wonder you feel more special.