1927:  First U.S. airline to offer international service.
1928:  First airline to use radio communications.
1928:  First airline to order aircraft built to its own
1928:  First airline to limit flight time of pilots to a fixed
number of hours.
1929:  First airline to develop and employ instrument flying.
1929:  First airline to develop a complete aviation weather
1929:  First airline to fly to the Caribbean.
1929:  First airline to employ flight stewards and serve
meals to passengers.
1930:  First airline to develop instrument training planes for
1930:  First U.S. airline to offer international air express
1930:  First airline to fly to South America.
1932:  First airline to sell all-expense international air tours.
1932:  First airline to install galleys (kitchens) aboard its
1934:  First airline to perfect long-range direction finders.
1934:  First U.S. airline to fly to Siberia.
1935:  First airline to install facilities for heating food on
1935:  First airline to fly the Pacific.
1936:  First airline to inaugurate cargo service over the
1937:  First U.S. airline to offer service to Bermuda.
1939:  First airline to provide transatlantic passenger and
mail service.
1940:  First airline to assign a flight meteorologist to
aircraft crews.
1940:  First airline to inaugurate direct air service between
the U.S. and Alaska.
1941:  First airline to inaugurate air express service
between the U.S. and Europe.
1941:  First airline to inaugurate regularly scheduled service
to Africa.
1942:  First airline to offer international service with
all-cargo aircraft.
1942:  First airline to complete an around-the-world flight.
1945:  First airline to show full-length movies onboard.
1946:  First airline to fly the great circle route to Tokyo.
1947:  First airline to build and operate hotels in foreign
counties to insure adequate accommodations for air
1948:  First airline to provide regularly scheduled low cost
tourist service anywhere in the world.
1948:  First airline to develop individual frozen meals to
permit menu selection aloft.
1948:  First U.S. airline to install full automatic nation-wide
communications network for airline ticket reservations.
1951:  First airline to provide one-carrier service linking
Asia, the West Coast and Latin America.
1951:  First airline to publish comprehensive international
travel guide.  ("New Horizons World Guide," most popular
travel guide ever published.)
1952:  First airline to use aircraft built specifically for
tourist-class service on the transatlantic route.
1953:  First airline to introduce a pay-later plan.
1955:  First airline to order U.S. commercial jets.
1958:  First airline to operate scheduled transatlantic service
with U.S. built jets.
1959:  First airline to open a scheduled round-the-world jet
1961:  First airline to offer a worldwide marketing service
for shippers and importers around the world.
1962:  First airline to make 100,000 transatlantic flights.
1962:  First airline to establish a global electronic
reservations system.
1963:  First airline to operate pure-jet freighters.
1964:  First airline to relay in-flight messages via Satellite
Syncom III.
1966:  First airline to order the Boeing 747 superjet.
1970:  First airline to fly the 747.
1970:  First airline to fly one million passengers on the 747.