On March 18th, American Airlines launched the most advanced jet airliner in the world:  
the Convair 990 Astrojet.

  Here is the new shape of commercial aviation.  You will notice two extra aerodynamic
bodies on each wing.  These are speed capsules, designed to smooth out the airflow at
high speeds.

  Here is the new brawn of commercial aviation.  We believe the 990 is the strongest
airplane ever built.  It has tremendous structural integrity.  Many extra safety factors have
been built into it.

  And here is the new comfort of commercial aviation.  Wide aisles.  Wonderfully deep,
wide armchairs.  A spacious, club-like First Class section.  And a pleasant surprise for
jet travelers:  3-and-2 seating in the Coach section.

  For a new experience in flying, fly the most advanced jet in commercial aviation:  the
990 Astrojet.