"Take our new 747.  We call it The Friend Ship.  And we designed it especially with
our passengers in mind.
To start with, we took the kitchens out of the living room and put them downstairs
where they belong.  That left enough room for 16 more seats in coach...but we didn't
put them in.  Instead, we put more leg-room in Coach....luxurious, real stretch-out
Of course, there's United special Red Carpet treatment in both First Class and
Coach.  If you choose something other than stead, you won't have to wait until
theres's time to run and get it, because our alternate entrees are right there in our
specially-designed serving carts.  Remember, only United can assure you that you'll
be eating what you want....right on the dot when dinner is served.
Our strewardesses, Hawaiian stewards, and onboard customer respresentative
receive months of special training.  So they know how to make our Royal Hawaiian
service really special.
Be one of the first to know how great our Friend Ship is.  Call your Travel Agent or
The Friend Ship.  From the people who brought you the friendly skies."