"Some morning soon, head for Idlewild instead of the office and be in Hawaii by quitting time!  
You can do it on United Air Lines - and on a budget.  You board a DC-8 Mainliner at 9 A.M.
and a 4:15 P.M. (HST) you're in Honolulu.  Cost is actually less than jet fare to Paris or Rome.
United's Custom Coach jet servce features:  your choice of seats before boarding (and what a
seat! - lights, air vent, push-button table all built in)...hot full-course meals (no extra cost)... two
stewardesses....fun for everyone.
Add to these the advantages of the new, super-powered DC-8 Jet:  speed and range, radar
smoothness and quiet luxury, big windows and spacious lounges, and United's unique
ready-on-arrival baggage delivery.  Consider, too, the extra care you get whenever you fly
United.  Now you have the best of reasons for seeing your Travel Agent about a trip to
Hawaii.  Or call United Air Lines."