"Now, leave New York or Chicago in the morning or California in the afternoon...and be in Honolulu in time for a swim
before dinner.  And smart travelers like you will quickly notice the big difference in comfort aboard a United Air Lines
DC-8 Mainliner to Hawaii.  The '8' was designed specifically for passenger service:  The seats are wider and higher
backed....windows are larger.  And, as always on United, thoughtful service reflects the extra care that makes this
airline unique.  Meals are suburb and are served with a tastefulness new to air travel.

On United's DC-8 jets, you have a choice of Red Carpet or Custom Coach service, with connections in either Los
Angeles or San Francisco.  Remember, too, jet fares from New York to Hawaii are less than jet fares to Europe.  And
extra care service is included in the fare.  Ask your travel agent about the new DC-8 Jets to Hawaii, or call United Air