"Sure, he'd seen pictures of Miss Liberty.  In Oakland.  But they didn't show
that she was so big.
Or that she was green.
Another think Mike discovered today was the fun of flying - on a United Air
Lines jet.
First, he got a pair of Junior Pilot's wings.  Next, he and his folks watched the
latest color movie on a wide screen.  What about lunch?  Sirloin steak, with all
the trimmings.  (Mike didn't eat the asparagus.)
Suddenly, they were in New York.  And then on top of the Statue of Liberty -
176 steps and an elevator ride in the sky.
Now, Mike's lookig at the view, 15 miles in each direction.  There is nothing
like it in the world.
Mike doesn't have a lump in his throat.  He's too young for that.  All he knows
is - he's discovering America.
And United flies to more of it, more often, than any other airline."