"Airlines have been spending a fortune on silly gimmicks to get
your business.  Like crazy costumes and funny hats for hostesses.
Gimmicks that don't give you any of the creature comforts that
make you happy.
We took a fling at things ourself, then you told us what you really
On TWA, our gimmicks are limited to superb drinks, food
cooked right on board, soul-satisfying stereo music, and good
movies to make the time pass more quickly.
And since peope make people happier than anything else, we're
giving our people a million dollar bonus to give you the
exceptional service that will make you happier than any other
airline can make you.  It's up to you to tell us whose pocket to
put this money into.
Get the names of the people who live up to our promise.  Put
them on the ballots you'll receive onboard, and drop those ballots
into the bonus boxes you'll find at our terminals.
We think you'll like flying with us, because we're in the airline
Not show business."