"We're putting Sleeperette seats on all our 747s.  Throughout the United States.  And all over the word.
That means more room in Pan Am's First Class than you've ever had on any airplane before.
More comfort, too.  Because the Sleeperette seat stretches out.  So you can do likewise...to read, relax,
even sleep.
And though this remarkable, reclining seat extends the length of four and a half windows, there's plenty of
room between rows.
Until recently, Sleeperette seats were available only on our long-range 747SPs. Now they're on just about
all of our 747s as well.  And soon every First Class seat on every Pan Am 747 will be a Sleeperette seat.
Of course, room to stretch out isnt the only reason to fly our First Class.
Incomparable luxury and international service are a couple of others.
Another reason is the kind of plane we fly, the 747.  It's the plane the world prefers, and we've got the
world's largest fleet.
So tell your Travel Agent or Corporate Travel Department you want Pan Am's First Class.
Because what good is flying all over the world if you can't stretch out and enjoy it?"