"Widest choice of flights. Pan Am gives you a choice of 14 Pacific destinations - more
than any other airline.  From four West Coast cities to Hawaii, you have 42 Jet Clipper
flights a week.  Two a day from San Francisco, three a day from Los Angeles.
Widest choice of routings. Via Hawaii to Japan, Hong Kong and 'Round the World.  
Via the exclusive Great Circle route from California to Tokyo.  Via Hawaii or Manila
and Southeast Asia.  Or across the South Pacific to Samoa, Fiji and Australia, with
Clipper connections to New Zealand.  Stop over wherever you like at no extra fare.
Enjoy international service to Hawaii, 6 cabin attendants, cuisine by Maxin's of Paris,
vintage champaign (with Pan Am's compliments) on first class
President Special and
Jet economy
Rainbow service.
Pan Am's Priceless Extra. Pan Am's world-wide experience, unmatched by any other
airline, assures you of a happy trip in every way.  Ask your Pan Am Travel Agent."