"Now that we've merged with National, you can fly all over the globe on
one airline.
Your baggage is transferred by a single airline.
Your connections and reservations are checked and confirmed by a single
And one single airline is making it easier than ever for Houston to visit the
world, and vice versa.
On July 1st, for example, we start wide-cabin L-1011 nonstop service to
London.  And on July 2nd, all flights to Mexico City will be L-1011s.  
(We continue to fly a daily L-1011 nonstop to New York, where you can
make easy connections to our daily 747s to the mideast.)
And of course, every Pan Am 747 features our exclusive Sleeperette
Service in First Class, with the seat that reclines 60 degrees.
For complete information on Pan Am worldwide, call your travel agent."