"Business travelers are the heart of our business.  So at Western, we've
designed special business-oriented features into our service to make flying
with us especially convenient and comfortable - whether you're flying First
Class or Coach.
Some examples:
Execu-Res. It's Western's computerized-reservation system.  It not only
makes plane and car reservations, for some cities, it even makes hotel
Execu-Ticket. At most airports we have computerized ticketing.  So once
you've given the information we need, we'll hand you your ticket in seconds.
Execu-Desk. In many of our Coach sections, if the middle seat is
unoccupied, it folds down to become a convenient desk.  More room to
work...or to unwind.
There's lots more.  Like business publications and complimentary
So if you're flying on business along the Pacific Coast, or to Salt Lake City,
Denver, Minneapolis/Saint Paul or Miami, fly Western and enjoy the feeling
of flying in your own company plane."