Don't plan to catch up on your reading.  There's too much to take in, too
much to talk about on your Jet Clipper flight.

While the stewardess removes the last cordial glass from your dinner
table, she reminds you to set your watch five hours ahead and tells you
that there's barely enough time to finish a chapter before you see the lights
of London.

Pan Am Jets are fastest to London, and the only Jets to Paris and Rome.  
And this summer, Pan Am is increasing its schedules to include as many
as four Jet flights a day to Europe - with deluxe
President Special service
available on every one.  You can also fly economy-class Thrift service, if
you wish, with fares starting as low as $453.60 round trip.

For reservations or information, call your Travel Agent or any if Pam
Am's 61 offices in the U.S. and Canada.