And all the treasures in the Louvre.  And all the beautiful bargains on the Via Condotti.  
The secret?  Go with your husband when he goes over on business.  Fortunately, his company is
taking care of his fare and expenses.  So right off the bat you've got that European idyll you've
always dreamed of at half price.
As far as your fare is concerned, charge it.  With an American Express of Diners Club Credit Card,
or our own Pay-Later Plan.  Whichever way you do it, you can pay in easy monthly installments.  
The fares are reasonable.  For example, London is just $300 round trip from New York on a
14-21 day Jet Economy ticket.
Then there's our Extra Cities Plan.  Buy a round-trip ticket to Rome, for instance, and you can stop
over in as many as 19 more cities at no extra fare.  Sample itinerary:  London to Paris to Rome.  
Then Rome to Nice to Barcelona to Lisbon.  Then home again, full of memories and good times.
If you need more ammunition, whisper this sweet nothing in his ear:  a Pan Am Travel Agent can
handle all the details, and there's no extra cost to you.
And wherever you go with us, you'll have the good feeling that comes from flying the very best there
No charge for that, either.