"That fact should make things easy for you.  Not only in choosing your airline, but
in putting your trip together.  And enjoying it.
To Europe, by the end of spring, we'll be the only U.S. airline flying big,
comfortable 747s across the North Atlantic.
If you're going to be crossing the wide Pacific, we'll have nothing but comfort for
you there, too.  Every flight will be a 747.
When we go to Tokyo from Los Angeles and New York, we use our new 747
SP, which gives you the only non-stops to Japan from these cities.  Which also,
naturally, results in the fastest flight to Tokyo from these cities.
At Pan Am, you don't pay a penny extra for having the world's largest fleet of
747s at your beck and call.
And speaking of calling, why not call your travel agent.
He'll give you our schedules and work out your trip with you.  And most likely,
that won't cost you a penny extra either."