"Not anymore it isn't.
Our shortcut routes have shrunk the globe.
We make the Orient hours closer to the USA.
That's why it's not 'The Far East.'
We fly nonstop from Seattle to Tokyo.  And from there, it's just a short hop to
anywhere in the Orient.
Take your pick:  Osaka, Hong Kong, Okinawa, Taiwan, Korea, The Philippines.  
We're the only U.S. airlines that can take you to all these places.  (And give you
convenient connections to Bangkok and Malaysia, too.)
So come with us...to the Orient.  And see for yourself.
The Far East is not-so-far anymore - on Northwest.
See all the Orient on Northwest.  We're the only U.S. carrier that can take you there
direct from 9 U.S. cities.  For reservations on any of 23 flights weekly, call your
travel agent or Northwest."