"Don't take the roundabout way to the Orient.  Instead, fly Northwest.
We take you the shortest way there is.
You can step aboard in New York, fly straight across to Seattle - then nonstop to Tokyo.
Or, you can take Northwest direct from Washington, DC, Chicago or Cleveland.
From all these cities, we save you up to 2,000 miles (and 6 to 9 hours) compared to flying
across the mid-Pacific.
We save you a lot of bother, too.
No switching airlines on the west coast.  No changing planes.  You stay on the same
Northwest Fan-Jet straight through to the Orient.
No wonder more and more people are flying Northwest to the Orient.
Why don't you join them?  For more information or reservations, call your travel agent or
We'll save you a seat.
13 flights a week from New York and Seattle, 16 from Chicago, 2 from Washington, DC,
Cleveland and Anchorage.  Northwest serves Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Okinawa - as well
as the Philippines."