"We can't see why you should have to wait until you get to Florida to start enjoying Florida.  Or, if you're on your way out of Florida, why you can't
enjoy us just a little longer.  So, what we've done is try to bring Florida to you.  Right there on the plane.
The seats are now yellow and white striped - kind of like beach chairs.  There are tropical sounds:  Birds quietly singing away.  We give you lots of
Florda foods, like Islamorada stuffed shrimps, Okee-chobee hushpuppies, corinth fritters, key lime pie.  And we give you Florida drinks.  Florida
fruit punches, Florida flips.
Even something we call Tan-U.  Open it up, and there's a sun reflector staring you in the face.  And, of course, the stewardesses in their bright,
new, Florida-colored uniforms.  But as nice as these things are, they're only part of the story.  The physical part.
Then there's the mental part.  The way you feel.  Like you're in Florida.  Call your travel agent or National."