"You've met my friend Cheryl.  And you've met some more friends:  Karen, Laura, Margie, Pat, Undra, and Anne.

And you've also flown them to New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco - even London.

It must be something you like doing because business is very brisk and still growing.  Fact is, after you met Cheryl, more friends
were brought in to take care of all the phone calls for reservations.  (When you fly us, you fly a lot of people behind the scenes, too.)

Most important, you've flown us for what we are:  National.  We're people, we're airplanes, we're an airline.  We're a nice and
convenient and frankly fresh way of getting you where you want to go:  personally.

Fly us.

For information and reservations, call us direct.  Or ring up your travel agent.  Tell him Jo sent you."