"If you pick an airline by the food it serves, you'll have a hard time deciding.  The truth is all airline
food is pretty much the same.
This doesn't mean we're not interested in serving the best quality food.  It just means we realize that
there are other things you're interested in besides what's on the plate.
At Eastern Airlines, we feel it's the people that make the difference between airlines.
There's a total commitment to giving you good, comfortable, hassle-free service from all 34,000 of
us.  That means reservation agents, baggage handlers, mechanics, pilots, flight attendants, derparture
service personnel and all the rest.  Some work behind the scenes and some you meet face to face.  
But they all play an important part of getting you to your destination.  So it's teamwork that leads to
a successful flight.
Eastern people realize you appreciate our being considerate and careful and friendly.  And a little
hustle doesn't hurt either.
So you see, we not only care about serving good quality food, but we know that how we dish it up
counts, too.
Knowing all this has helped us.  For the second year in a row, we've flown almost two million
passengers than the year before.
There are other airlines out there that you could fly.  So, if we want you to fly Eastern all the time,
and we do, we have to earn our wings every day."