"The seven suns of Eastern.

The sun.
From the time he first huddled cold and in caves, man has sought its warmth.  Praised it when it rose.  Damned it when
it set.  Even worshipped at his temples.
At Eastern Airlines, we too seek the sun.  To soar even closer to man's source of light and warmth.  And to make sure
you feel just as warm and comfortable in the sky as you feel when you get to the seven suns of Eastern.  Miami, Puerto
Rico, The Bahamas, Mexico, the Virgin Islands and California.
Where the sun always spends the winter.  Where you see things in a different light.
Because each place under these seven suns of Eastern is different, distinctive - with a warmth of climate, culture and
friendly faces all its own.
Everything is not the same under the sun.  Every airline is not the same to that sun.
Ask your travel agent to put you on the only airline that flies to all seven suns.
Come with us.  And feel as at home in the sky as you are on land."