"Airspeed isn't a good reason to choose one airline over another.  The quality of
personal service is.
Eastern Airlines employees are committed to giving you good, hassle-free service.
Your flight seems quicker when things go right.  Like being greeted as you board the
plane.  Or being handed a magazine, instead of having to hunt for one.  Or getting a
good, hot meal and a second cup of coffee automatically.  Or just having a friendly,
helpful flight attendant for your section of the plane.
It's all the little things we do for you that affect your loyalty.  And not just the things we
do in the air, but on the phone and in the airport, as well.
When we're helpful on the phone, when we're careful with your luggage, when we try
to honor your request for a specific seat, it pays off for us.
Our philosophy is that our people can't just do a job.  They have to really put
themselves out for you.  And it's helping us win over new passengers and win back old
For the second year in a row, we've flown almost two million more passengers than
we did the year before.
We realize there are other airlines out there you could fly besides Eastern.
So if we want you to fly Eastern all the time, and we do, we have to earn our wings
every day."