"Now Eastern is flying all the way West.
We're providing the first non-stop service from St. Louis to Seattle.  And from St. Louis to Portland.
It means a businessman traveling between these cities will reach his destination 271 miles sooner.
It means savings in both time and money for the airfreight shipper.
But it means much more.
For St. Louis, the historic Gateway to the West, is the new Gatewat to the East.  One of our flights continues on through St. Louis to Huntsville,
Orlando and Melbourne, linking 4 key centers of aerospace activity.
Another provides the first direct jet service between Seattle and Louisville.
And all our flights from the Pacific Northwest enable both travelers and shippers to use St. Louis as a gateway to 47 cities in the Midwest, the East,
the Deep South and the Caribbean.
On June 13, a big airline got bigger.
To serve even more Americans.  To make more of America easier to reach than ever before."