Braniff thinks one plane is worth 1,000 words to introduce you to the color and excitement of South America.

So, we commissioned Alexander Calder, America's greatest modern artist, to paint "Flying Colors."

It leads our jet fleet that flies daily to South America.

And to celebrate the first jet to be turned into an original work of art, we created a whole new vacation idea.

South America with Flying Colors.

This year, see:

1.  Hidden from the world for 400 years - the Inca city of Machu Picchu.

2.  Iguassu Falls borders on Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, they're so big!

3.  The unique wildlife of the Galapagos Islands inspired Darwin's "Origin of the Species."

4.  Oh, the girls of Ipanema!

5.  Wouldn't the family love these Devil Dancers' masks from Bolivia?

6.  Must see!  The underground salt cathedral near Bogota.

7.  Every night is New Years Eve in La Boca, the Italian section of Buenos Aires.

8.  An 11-story statue of Christ calls you back to Rio.

9.  What will you buy at the Indian Markets?

10.  Feast on 3-inch steak at La Cabana in Buenos Aires.  Complete dinner is less than $5, typical of how your dollar is appreciated everywhere on
a Flying Colors vacation.