"One luxury most business travelers don't have is time.  So USAir
helps you make the most of yours.
We do it by getting 91% of our fleet off the ground by 8am, so you
can get an easy start on your day.
We even design many of our schedules so that you can fly our
and back in the same day and still have a full business day at
your destination.  That's especially true in the Northeast where
we offer 80% more domestic departures than any other airline.
We're strong in the Northeast because that's where we started.  
But we didn't stop there.  Today, our system stretches as far west
as California, Arizona and Colorado and as far south as Texas,
Florida and Louisiana.  In all, we serve more than 90 cities in the
US and Canada.
Giving you convenient schedules, professional service and
money-saving fares has helped make us one of the most
successful airlines in the world.
For information or reservations, contact your travel agent or
corporate travel arranger.  Or give us a call at USAir.  We'll be up
early to serve you - because we want our airline to be your airline."