"We don't know how well you know Canada.  But we'll wager...not as "inside-out" as we
do.  Maybe it's because we get around much more.  We are constantly flying from coast to
coast picking out all the interesting places we think you'd like to see when your vacation
comes around.  Right now, we could show you the sights you never knew existed in
Canada.  Come with us on your vacation this summer.  You'll see when we mean.
Incidentally, why don't you bring the whole family along?  You can save 25% or more on
Family Fare Discounts.  And  you needn't worry about the little tyke being a burden on the
trip.  Babies enjoy travelling by air.
So have a chat with your Travel Agent...or drop in at the nearest Air Canada office.  We'll be
happy to tell you anything else you might like to know about our package tours; our Fly
Now - Pay Later Plan or our newly increased baggage allowances.  And another thing, we
can also arrange to have a rent-a-car waiting for you at the airport.
Come vacation time, give us a chance to show you Canada.  You'll really know you've left