"American Airlines...Nora Cuellar speaking."

"When you call American, we get our first chance to make a good impression.  That's why we installed SABRE, the industry's
first computerized reservations system, back in 1964.  And that's why we've refined it every year since then.

SABRE does more than just help us answer the phones fast.  It gives us instant access to the largest inventory of airline seats
in the industry - ours
and our competitors.

It also helps us to find you the most convenient flight, book all your connections, and give you the lowest available airfares.

It even lets us reserve your seat up to 11 months in advance and give you your boarding passes up to 30 days before you fly.  
And no other airline, anywhere, can do all that.

SABRE is great.  But more important are the 3500 reservations agents who make it work for you.

It takes the best people to make the best airline.

Nora Cuellar is one of them, and we thought you'd like to meet her."