"American can't forget a request for diapers or a dinner of baby food.
We own the world's biggest business computer, just for remembering.
It remembers a businessman's order for chili instead of the regular main course.  It
remembers salt-free diets and Kosher meals, too.
Of course we didn't build this computer for babies.  We built it for professional travellers
- businessmen who buy up to fifty tickets a year.
We go all out for customers like them.
For them we flew the first fan-jets.  Built the first Stewardess College.  Were the first to
check bags at the curb.  To introduce the air credit card.  To seat everyone within five
rows of a movie screen.
In fact, we baby them.
Just as we do all our passengers, whether they're on their first flight or their
On American Airlines, everyone gets the full professional treatment.
That's the American Way."