"Airport terminals are crowded these days, but American Airlines has several ways to
help you get through them faster.
You can pre-reserve a seat on any American flight - over the phone, up to 11 months in
When you arrive at the airport, you can check in completely at the counter (or in most
airports, even at the gate) in one simple operation.
And American can give you all your boarding pases at once - up to 30 days before you
fly - so you can avoid the lines for your connecting and return flights.
No other airline, anywhere in the world, can do all that.
Of course, even with these conveniences, you might occaisionally need special
assistance. So people like Passenger Service Representative Terri Dugan will be there to
It takes the best people to make the best airline.
Teri Dugan is one of them, and we thought you'd like to meet her."