"Give me a man who loves his work."

There aren't many places left where a man can get personally involved with his work.
We're lucky; ours is one of them.
Most of the mechanics who work for us have been crazy about airplanes ever since
they were this high; they wouldn't be happy or satisfied doing any other kind of work.
Some of the youngsters who've got the "bug" will come back to our employment office
10, 15, even 20 times for a chance to be a mechanic at American Airlines.
Mechanics like this aren't just in it for the money.  They have a fierce pride in their
work, and a sense of responsibility.
They work under men who've been with us since the days we were flying the mail
routes in biplanes; the grand old men of civil aviation, And the spirit is contagious.
Few ever leave; of those who do, a suprising number come back.
They love their work, and their work shows it.