"And what grandfather worthy of the name can't dream up at least one good
reason for doing it soon.

Fares are surprisinly low.  For example, using American Airlines famous Royal
Coachman 707 Jet Service, you can fly from Los Angeles to Chicago in 3 hours
and 30 minutes for a fare of only $88.30 plus tax.... all the way from Dallas to
New York City in 2 hours and 55 minutes for just $73.55 plus tax.  And there's a
Pay Later Plan, if desired.

It's such a clean, comfortable way to travel.  American's stewardesses are trained
at a unique college to make sure you're as relaxed and well taken care for as in
your own living room.

Starting with our sleek Jet 707s and Jet Prop Electras, American's Flagships are
famous the world over for their speed, comfort and dependability.  To make your
reservations see your Travel Agent or call American Airlines, first choice of
experienced travelers."